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Everybody Says Hello follows forty-something Sid Straw as he moves from Baltimore to Los Angeles to start a new job and a new life. Everything would be great if he could just get out of his own way.

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I love Everybody Says Hello.

Or, more accurately, I should say that I loved every moment of writing and editing Everybody Says Hello. Not for a moment did it feel like work. To the contrary, I had a big, stupid grin on my mug the entire time I was writing it, and I hope readers will have the same expresion on their faces as they read the letters, emails and postcards of Sid Straw as he relocates from Baltimore to Los Anglese for a new job.

Sid Straw is not an everyman. Instead, I think of him as someone we have all known at some point in our lives. A good person, a decent person, but a person for whom things always take a wrong turn. Someone who inches close to making the right decision before making the wrong one. Someone who tries just a little too hard, says just a little more than he should, and it's that extra effort of those extra few words that are his undoing. He has a sense of humor. He can be charming. He's certainly smart and unquestionably interesting. And if he could just get out of his own way, his life could be wonderful.

I understand that Sid Straw is frustrating and perhaps unlikeable at times. He was built that way on purpose. The book wouldn't work otherwise. But I hope readers will ultimately find themselves rooting for him the same way they root for their own, equally imperfect friends.